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French property law and inheritance matters

Cordiez Avocat and Solicitor is a specialist, France-based English-speaking lawyer specialising in French Property and Inheritance law.

Being a qualified French lawyer and a solicitor of England and Wales, Fabien Cordiez has the knowledge and experience to help English-speaking customers who need assistance and advice with French law.

French Property Law 

Buying or selling French property? Let us make the transaction a 'Belt and braces' one.

Fabien Cordiez specialises in representing and advising English-speaking clients in relation to the legal process of buying or selling French property. This includes, inter alia, the following services:

- Pre-purchase advice and legal documents review: We offer a fast-track contract and legal paperwork checking service. Let a qualified French lawyer carefully review the legal paperwork, give you a confirmation as to whether it is legally sound, talk you through the documentation, flag up potential issues, suggest new, protective wording, as appropriate.

Legal assistance through French conveyancing: High quality legal representation during the conveyancing process can save you a bundle down the line. Being a well-established, fully registered French law Firm, we can act for you throughout the purchase/sale procedure and fight to protect your interests, every step of the way.

- Carrying out searches through the Land Registry's records, to retrieve title deeds or answer these questions such as "Who owns this property?" or "does this person own real-estate property in France"? 

Cross-border inheritance matters

Inheritance laws may blight the purchase of your property in France. It is critical that you understand the potentially incredibly far reaching consequences of the laws of succession and inheritance in France.

We will guide you through the complex French laws relating to inheritance, help you avoid or minimise French Inheritance tax and ensure that your French property is dealt with and passed on according to your wishes.

Being a bilingual dual-qualified lawyer, Mr Cordiez can help you deal with French succession matters, including:

- French succession law advice;

- Drawing up French Wills or amending the Will made in your home Country so as to ensure it applies to your French Estate
- French Will searches i.e. find out whether a deceased relative made a Will in France;

- Probate in France:  Settlement of French estate, Title Deed name change, bank account closure. What steps must be taken following death? 

- French inheritance tax matters.

Fabien Cordiez Avocat & Solicitor

About Fabien Cordiez

Fabien Cordiez is a qualified French lawyer in legal practice since 1994. He is a practising member of the Aix-en-Provence Bar Council.

Fabien re-qualified as Solicitor of England and Wales in 2000.

Having gained valuable experience practising in major law firms and banks in the UK and France, Fabien Cordiez set up his own legal practice in Southern France in 2002.

Cordiez Avocat & Solicitor is a client-focused law firm which specialises in French property law and cross-border succession matters. 

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